Mia Vanstraelen

Director of Human Resources at IBM

Mia Vanstraelen has responsibilities in human resources for IBM GTS Infrastructure Services; In that

capacity, she leads a team of experts on all fields of human resources for an organization of more than 90.000 employees in addition to all forms of flexible workforce; the organization consists of business consultants, project managers, IT-architects and IT-specialists, financial and operational experts, and works frequently together with IBM research.  Mia has a focus on IBM’s business development and growth through implementation of innovative HR’s strategy, solutions and sourcing. Mia operates in deep partnership and collaboration with the business leaders, and is passionate on agile techniques and actively drives these programs.

She also certified as executive coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

She is the president of the Flemish industrial board (coordinate investments in digital and complex infrastructure) and an advisor at the Software Board Materialize NV.

Mia Vanstraelen